U.S. Submarine Veterans Monument

Between 1941 and 1946, more than 3,500 submariners perished — a ratio of about one in four — the highest of any service during World War II. The U.S. Submarine Veterans’ Monument helps us remember and show appreciation to all U.S. submariners and support personnel during World War II.

The monument also honors the seven submarine captains who received the Medal of Honor.

Submariners comprised only 1.6 percent of all U.S. Navy personnel, yet they destroyed 55 percent of the Japanese fleet, more than all other services combined.

During WWII, 247 submarines spent 70,838 days in the war zone and completed 1,682 patrols. They accounted for the destruction of almost 820 million tons of the Japanese fleet including:

  • 1 Battleship
  • 8 Aircraft Carriers
  • 14 Cruisers
  • 23 Submarines
  • 47 Destroyers
  • 1299 Support ships

Submarines completed 328 special missions including laying mines, rescuing 504 pilots – including President George H.W. Bush – supplying weather reports for General Doolittle’s raid over Japan, evacuating nurses and the President of the Philippine Island, transporting gold bars, and supplying guerilla fighters.

Over 3,500 submariners were lost during World War II, a ratio of about one in four, and the highest of any service.

Dedicated 11 April 2006


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