The Memorial Rose Garden

The Memorial Rose Garden is located in the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial Park at the southern end of Phil Chacon Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It is a unique place to recall experiences common to many veterans such as The Call, The Preparation, The Battle, The Conversations, The Word From Home, The Fallen Friend, and The Homecoming.


Rose Bushes Everywhere!

Rose bushes are a significant part of the landscaping throughout the park. To date, there are approximately 400 Jackson & Perkins Rose Bushes (all hybrids). The roses are named in honor for each area they are placed in the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial.

• 7 “WWII Rose Bushes”; this number is significant as it represents the date 7 Dec 1941.

• 7 “Purple Heart Rose Bushes”; this number references 7 Aug 1782. That’s the day George Washington pinned the 1st medal on his colonial soldiers. He couldn’t pay them so he wanted to do something to help keep up their morale.

• 3 “Veterans Honor” roses

• 113 “Peace” roses

• 27 “Everlasting Peace” roses

• 5 “Medal of Honor” roses

• 6 “Silver Star” roses

• 6 “Bronze” roses

• 30 “Memorial” roses

• 12 “4th of July” roses

• 9 “American Ex-POW” roses

• 9 “American Ex-Prisoner of War’ roses (orange)


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