The Courtyard

The large, beautiful Memorial Courtyard opens beyond the visitor center. This quiet space, decorated with trees and picnic tables, encourages visitors to gather and socialize. The courtyard provides a space for a variety of classes and events.

Two large flag poles are placed in the center of courtyard. The north pole is dedicated to flying service flags and the south pole is dedicated to the national colors. Each day the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial raises a different American flag donated to honor the memory of one of our deceased veterans.

From here, visitors are encouraged to tour the monuments displayed within the 25-acre grounds of the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial park.

This courtyard provides a space for Junior ROTC groups to use as a small amphitheater, or for others to use for a dismounted drill or a variety of classes and events.

Note of interest:

Mayor Louie Saavedra along with 5 city employees created a committee to look this city land and make recommendations for a veterans’ memorial. Knowing there were 80,000-85,000 veterans in Bernalillo County alone, he knew the time and the place were right, and understood that most of the funding could come from bonds issues. A call for bids was conducted and competitive bids came in from so many architects that it required a full basketball court at a local middle school to view all the models. After canvasing many New Mexico veterans and getting their ideas first, it was Tina Reams who won the bid. She became immersed in the development and building of this memorial and has been a mainstay of this facility ever since. She also became the very first Saturday “Greeter.”


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