Combat Infantry Badge Monument

This monument was sponsored by the Albuquerque Chapter of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association and when completed will sport 3 flags and an area of bricks available as memorial gift purchases.

The Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) is the U.S. Army combat service recognition decoration awarded to soldiers — enlisted men/women and officers (commissioned and warrant) — holding colonel rank or below, who personally fought in active ground combat while an assigned member of either an infantry or a Special Forces unit, of brigade size or smaller, any time after 6 December 1941.

The CIB and its non-combat analogue, the infantry skill-recognition Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) were simultaneously created during World War II as primary recognition of the combat service and sacrifices of the infantrymen who would likely be wounded or killed in numbers disproportionate to those of soldiers from the Army’s other service branches.


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