Korean War Rememberance

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On 23 June 2012, the Korean American Community and the Korean War Veterans Association will conduct a ceremony commemorating the start of hostilities on the Korean Penninsula on 25 June 1950.

The ceremony will begin aat 1000 hours (10:00 AM) at the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial in the vicinity of the Korean Monument.

Apparently to legitimize a military commitment and a lack of the constitutionally required congressional declaration of belligerency, the confrontation of arms was originally called a “Police Action” or the Korean Conflict. It was an actual war.

In South Korea, the situation was critical. The invaders had routed the Republic’s defenders and the South Korean soldiers were in retreat. Seoul, the Capital, had fallen quickly. Fleeing civilians clogged the roads. Nothing stood in the way of North Korean success.

General Walker’s magnificent defense effort of the Pusan Perimeter and General MacArthur’s amphibious attack on the Korean west coast known as the Inchon Landing turned the tide and eventually the North Korean forces were forced back to the 38th parallel. Harry Truman was President.