Pearl Harbor Remembrance

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On 7 December 2012 two wreaths will be placed at the World War II kiosk and at the Pearl Harbor Survivors monument both located on the New Mexico Veterans Memorial grounds.  The first wave of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor consisted of 50 bombers, 51 dive bombers and 70 torpedo planes.  The first objective of the first wave of Japanese aircraft was the seven battleships moored in pairs alongside Ford Island.

The Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Nevada and California were heavily damaged.  The Maryland, Tennessee and Pennsylvania were lightly damaged and able to steam out of Oahu for American dockyards. Three cruisers and 3 destroyers also suffered damage.  The second wave of Japanese aircraft consisted of 54 bombers, 80 dive bombers and 36 fighters.  It completed the work on the first wave in the harbor and returned its attention to the Naval installations on Ford Island, Wheeler and Hickham Army Air Fields and the flying boat station at Kaneohe.  American KIA totaled 2,403 with 1,178 WIA.  The Japanese lost 29 planes and 55 airmen.

The National Colors will line the entrance and exit ways and the Garrison Flag will be raised at 0753 hours, the time of the attack on 7 December 1941.   A brief ceremony will be held at 1600 hours recognizing those who survived and those who did not during the attack on Pearl Harbor on the Island of Oahu on 7 December 1941.  All are welcome.