The Library

Visitors to the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial are welcome to browse the library’s collection of 2,000 books and materials about United States military history.

The NM Veterans’ Memorial Library is dedicated to retired US Air Force Colonel Gilbert Martinez, who devoted himself to the establishment and initial development of the Library collection before his sudden death in 2009. 

The Library’s broad mission is to develop, preserve, and make available as fine a collection as possible of books and materials concerning domestic and international military affairs and history. 

In addition to around thousands of books on the Library room shelves, and several hundred more shelved in protective storage, the Library collects audio/video materials, and maintains a growing collection (now several hundred) of New Mexico veterans’ oral histories compiled for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.  A major project involving this latter collection is to transfer the majority of the recordings from cassettes to compact discs.

Over time, volunteers have donated many hours preparing the collection for eventual circulation among members and patrons of the Memorial.  Currently, three or more work several hours per week organizing and cataloging the collection.  Actual circulation of materials and books must be delayed until their cataloging has been completed.  In the meantime, visitors may view or read items from the collection without removing them from the premises.

The quiet peaceful atmosphere of the library provides a warm invitation to browse the
shelves. Visitors may view or read items from the collection without removing them from the premises.

All the materials have been graciously donated by veterans, widows of veterans, family members of veterans, and patriotic members of the community.

A new computer is available as is a television. The latter was donated by the Submarine Veterans and allows visitors to view tapes that have been donated, as well.

We hope that you enjoy and help maintain this library and its contents so it may be enjoyed by future generations. Thank you for your consideration.

Library Policies

Policy No. 1

No beverages are allowed in the library at any time. This includes soft drinks, water, coffee, or any other liquid.

Policy No. 2

No food is allowed in the library at any time. This includes popcorn, cookies, donuts, chewing gum, lunches, or any other consumable delicacies.

Policy No. 3

No meetings may be conducted in the library. This includes periods when the library is open to the public, when the library is closed to the public, during private events, and during other authorized use of the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial facility.

Policy No. 4

The library may be used upon special request by Honorary Guests who require privacy or isolation from the general public.

Policy No. 5

The library will be used to conduct interviews for the Oral History Program. The interviews will be scheduled during periods when the library is not open to the public. A member of the Board of Directors must be in attendance during such usage.

Policy No. 6

Materials from the library may be checked out by New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial members only.** The check – out will be through the front office or the volunteer on duty. Only one item may be checked out at a time. The maximum period of check out will be 30 days. Loss of materials or failure to return the checked out items will result in revocation of check out privileges. **This policy is on temporary HOLD until all the books have been electronically cataloged.