NM Artistic Hero

Native New Mexican, Bill Mauldin is recognized by many as American history’s greatest wartime cartoonist.

The self-proclaimed “hillbilly from New Mexico” gained national fame at an early age through his Pulitzer Prize winning cartoon series about 2 average soldiers named Willie & Joe. This Purple Heart recipient now rests in Arlington National Cemetery but his piquant artistic works continue to inspire and educate soldiers, veterans and civilians alike.

When acquired, it was worth $29,000 and remains on display in the New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial Museum.

‘Cavalry Sergeant’

"Calvary Sergeant" sculpture by native New Mexican Bill Mauldin on display at the NM Vets Memorial MuseumOne of Mauldin’s first pieces “Calvary Sergeant” was his favorite sculpture and cartoon. It depicts a “grieving Calvary master sergeant shooting his beloved disabled Jeep, just as a grieving cowboy would once have shot a beloved disabled horse.”