Jim Lehner

Vice President

Mr. Lehner has over 30 years of senior Management Experience in the City, Federal, County and private sector in Law Enforcement, Security, Safety and Property protection. He retired from the Albuquerque Police Department with the rank of Captain. While serving as the Under Sheriff for Sandoval County he was mobilized to active duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom. During this Presidential Recall he served as the Deputy Force Protection Officer in Northern Kuwait with responsibilities including all landward and seaward force protection, law enforcement for U.S. Personnel, the safety of over 5500 multi-national troops and all assets flowing through the ports in this operating area. Responsibilities also included coordinating fire protection responses from host country and potential chemical attacks. He also served as Commander of Public Safety (Chief of Police) which included Navy Police, Fire, Corrections, Customs, Animal Control and Pass and ID for the entire Island of Guam. Responsibilities including all law enforcement, fire protection operations to include hazmat and rescue, corrections, customs, and over 450 civilian and military personnel. Special projects included the design and implementation of various community oriented policing and crime prevention programs, consolidation and re-organization of emergency services from several Commands and design of an emergency service communication and alarm center. Designed and created the Anti Terrorism and Force Protection Policy for the US Navy on Guam. During his tenure the DPS Received the Law Enforcement Organizational Excellence Award for large U.S. Navy bases.

Mr. Lehner served in the United States Navy for 42 years having progressed through all enlisted ranks (E-1 to E-9) prior to being commissioned in 1985 and recently retired as a Commander. During his Navy career, Commander Lehner served as Commanding officer of Several Commands. His expertise was with Law Enforcement, Force Protection, Naval Coastal Warfare and 4 CI Equipment. He is an expert in critical investigative techniques including moving and static surveillance and crime scene processing. He has conducted numerous target vulnerability assessments in locations throughout the U.S., Europe, Mexico and the Middle East and provided written assessment reports and recommendations that resulted in significant improvements in the hardening of targets, implementation of programs and the emplacement of special security equipment to significantly reduce the risk of suicide bombings and other types of terrorist attacks.

He served as the Scheduling Manager for all First Responder training programs for NMT/SAIC. He also instructed at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Roswell, NM, teaching all terrorist related topics to include transnational terrorism, suicide and other terrorist bombings and response tactics.

Mr. Lehner holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology as well as a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Criminal Justice. He graduated from the National FBI Academy in 1985 and is an adjunct Professor for Webster University where he has been teaching graduate courses for over 20 years.


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